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Channing Capital

20 year track record serving Institutional investors. Over $3 billion in AUM across four SMA strategies and a Small Cap Value Mutual Fund.

Fairlead Strategies

25 years of experience delivering technical analysis to help clients navigate the market. Manages TACK, the Fairlead Tactical Sector ETF.

Harbor Capital

Over $40 billion in AUM and over 35 years of experience bringing together asset class specialists to deliver a diverse array of investment solutions.

Kerusso Capital

25 years of experience managing large cap portfolios for alpha generation.

ROC Investments

Leveraging decades of research tying company performance to its leaders’ character, our ROCI ETF enables investors to target potentially undervalued companies.

Adasina Social Capital

Track record of enabling investors to align their investments with their social justice values. Manages JSTC, the Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF.

CNIC Funds

Combining decades of experience with fundamental and quantitative analysis, we enable investors to access commodities while staying carbon neutral.

Arbor Digital

Your connection to the digital asset (r)evolution – our experience in digital asset investing powers our turnkey approach for advisors and their clients.


We leverage decades of experience to enable exposure to three areas of the market that are poised to become increasingly important in the coming years: China, Climate, and Uncorrelated Assets.

Synergy Asset Management

We leverage 30 years of asset management experience and our Strategically Aligned Asset Management [SAAM™] process to deliver portfolios that meet every investor’s unique goals.


We leveraged over 50 years’ collective experience as advisors to create a technology platform that helps other advisors develop deeper connections with clients to increase conversion and retention rates.

Shenkman Capital

With nearly 40 years of experience and over $25B in AUM, Shenkman Capital delivers leveraged finance investment solutions through rigorous and time-tested credit research.

Heard Capital

Targeting companies based on certain corporate traits – necessity, economic moat, investor alignment – our investment strategies provide concentrated, long-term solutions for institutional clients.

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